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Feather & Flower Hair Accessories

Hair AccessoriesElegant and romantic bridal hair accessories, hair picks, hair combs, crystal twists, side pieces, back pieces and hairpins that will compliment any bride, bridesmaid, mother-of-the-bride or anyone desiring that extra touch of elegence for their special occasion. Celebrate your wedding, prom or quinceanera with beautiful and fashionable pearl and rhinestones hair accessories. We now offer very stylish feather and flower hair accessories.

Rose Gold Hair Comb with Pearls and Crystals
Rose Gold Bridal Hair Comb with Hand Painted Leaves and Pave Crystals
Bridal Hair Comb with Hand Painted Gold Leaves, Freshwater Pearls and Crystals
Bridal Headpiece with Bold Crystal Sunburst
Triple Gold Combs Bridal Headpiece with Crystal Swags
English Rose White Lace Combs with Draping Crystal Swags
Dougle English Rose Ivory Lace Combs with Pearl and Crystal Swags
Crystal & Ivory Pearl Bridal Hair Comb
Glam Crystal Hair Comb
Rum Pink Floral Rhinestone Hair Comb
Silver Freshwater Pearl & Rhinestone Floral Vine Side Comb
Light Gold Ivory Pearl & Rhinestone Flower Comb
Diamond White Floral Comb with Freshwater Pearls & Rhinestones
Ivory Pearl & Rhinestone Accent Floral Hair Bridal Comb 9649
Silver Plated Bridal Comb - Rhinestone Leafs, Pearls, and Diamond White Veiling
Lace Flower Bridal Comb w/Clear Rhinestones 8155
H4002 Bridal Comb in Antique Silver with Crystals and Freshwater Pearls
H4004 Antique Silver Rhinestone Pearl Bridal Comb
Crystal and Pearl Hand-Made Wedding Hair Comb
White Crystal Hair Flower Clip and Brooch
Crystal & Pearl Couture Bridal Hair Clip
H9502 Crystal Bridal Side Hair Clip
H3701 Organza Flower & Crystals Hair Clip
H456-EC White Feather Hair Clip & Brooch
Rose, Pearl, Crystal Hair Comb
HB860 Antique Silver & Crystal Barrette
H8110-EC Rose Buds & Freshwater Pearls Hair Comb
H9504 Ivory Flower and Pearl Bridal Comb
H2705-EC Satin Rose Bridal Hairclip
H474-EC Flower Hair Clip or Dress Brooch
H5287-EC Curling Feathers Bridal Hair Clip
H5286-EC Feather & Flower Bridal Hair Clip
H473-EC Flower Feather Hair Clip
H8402EC Feather Rhinestone Hair Clip
H100-EC Rhinestone Hair Clip
H1020-EC Pearl/Rhinestone Barrette
H5120-EC Rhinestone Barrette
H2718-EC Rhinestone, Crystal & Lace Hair Clip
H3539-EC Crystal & Pearl Flower Wedding Clip & Brooch
H9515-EC Rhinestone & Crystal Hair Clip
H9636-EC Freshwater Pearl Satin Flower Hair Clip
H70822-EC Pearl Zig Zag Barrette
H70963-EC Rhinestone Rose Barrette
H5050-EC Fleur Swirl Rhinestone Barrette
H5010-EC Rhinestone Barrette
H3102-EC Rhinestone & Pearl Barrette
H8336-EC Rhinestone Barrette
H8335EC Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Barrette
H8334-EC Rhinestone Barrette
H5090-EC Butterfly Barrette
H2033-EC Flower Bridal Headpiece
H1060-EC Freshwater Pearl & Rhinestone Hair Clip
H9989-EC Crystal Bridal Hair Comb
H9994-EC Antique Silver Side Hairpiece
H9984-EC Antique Silver Side Hairpiece
H5829-EC "Bella Swan" Clear & Blue Rhinestone Bridal Hair Comb
H9484-EC Ivory Fabric & Rhinestone Side Comb
H7574-EC Crystal Leaf Motif Side Hairpiece
H2864-EC Swarovski Crystal Barrette
H5672-EC Rhinestone & Crystal Leaf Side Comb
H475-EC Floral Rhinestone Hair Clip
H5285-EC Pearl & Crystal Flower Hair Clip
H2530-EC Rhinestone & Crystal Flower Bridal Hair Clip
H7794-EC Feather Fascinator with Sequins & Bugle Beads
H1665-EC Rum Pink Flower
H1538-EC Feather Comb
H8397-EC Feather Flower Bridal Hair Comb with Swarovski Crystals
H8401-EC Feather Spray Bridal Hair Comb with Rhinestone Couture Accent
H8249-EC Feather Ribbon Bridal Hair Clip
H458-EC Feather Hair Clip
H456-EC Feather Fascinator ~ Gold or Silver
H424-EC Crystal & Pearl Flower Hair Clip
H8390-EC Satin Flower Hair Comb
H7024-EC Black Feather Hair Comb
H7025-EC Black Feather Hair Comb
HC485-EC Lace Flower Hair Clip
H419-EC Large Rose Cluster Clip
H4516-EC Marquise Floral Side Comb
H401-EC Red Rose Hair Clip
Dark Red Dahlia Flower Hair Clip
H402-EC Dahlia Hair Clip
H409-EC Fuchsia Flower Hair Clip
H415-EC Pink Sherbet Rose Hair Clip
H3245 Crystal & Pearl Hair Pick
H3285 Hair Twist
H3282 Hair Pick ~ Ivory/Gold
H3281 Hair Pick
H3259 Pearl Flower Hairpick
H3261 Calla Lily Hairpick
H3267 Pearl Hairpick ~ Pink, White or Ivory
H3275 Celtic Knot Hair Pick ~ Gold ONLY
H3274 Flower Bridal Hair Pick
H3252 Silver Flower Hairpick
H2870 Bridal Back Hairpiece
H8255 Feather Headpiece
H8247 Haircomb
H8245 Flower Hair Accessory
H2858 Feather Headpiece
H383 Crystal Flower Hair Spirals ~ Set of 12
H8236-IL Flower & Feather Hair Comb
HC270 Swarovski Crystal & Feather Fascinator
H1164 Gardenia & Pearl Hair Clip
Juliet Lace Bridal Cap with Organza Flower & Feather Hair Clip
H8233 Feather & Rhinestone Hair Accessory
H8206 Rhinestone Hair Comb
H8200 Rhinestone Haircomb
H8217 Rhinestone Haircomb
H4027 Gold Crystal Hairpiece
H001 Gold/Ivory Comb
H001 Silver/White Pearl Comb
H3306 Freshwater Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Comb
H1091 Freshwater Pearl Hair Comb
H1420 Swarovski Crystal Hair Comb
H1073 Crystal Hair Comb
H241 Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Hair Comb
H3309 Swarovski Crystal Comb
Hair Jewelry...the New Accessory

Hair jewelry is a fashion trend on the rise. We have not only seen this on the red carpet, but also in premier bridal magazines.

Hair Jewelry in the form of hairpins, hair combs, headbands hair sticks, and feathers are embellished with rhinestones, crystals and/or pearls for an elegant sparkle that can dress up any outfit on any occasion. Brides and the bridal party can add sparkle to to thier ensemble that doesn't stop at the necklace or earrings. For special occasions: prom, quinceanera, pageant, homecoming or wedding.... crystal hair combs or rhinestone headbands are an elegant accessory for long hairstyles. If you are wearing an upswept style, add a rhinestone or pearl haircomb at the side or back of the head to achieve sparkle from all angles.

You can turn an everyday ponytail into a glamorous fashion statement, for work or party, with the simple addition of a rhinestone barrette. It will give you a put together look without a lot of time or effort. Hair combs adorned with crystal, pearls or flowers are a sophisticated hair accessory for the updo and can act as a frame for the hairstyle. Hair combs come in many lengths and widths, so finding the right one for your look won't be a challenge.

Probably the most popular trend in hair design is decorated hairpins or hair sticks. These accessories are either single stone or clusters of stones attached to the end of a hairpin or hair stick. As these are usually small, many can be sprinkled throughout the hair for a sparkling understated look. They are beautiful when used under a wedding veil for an element of surprise.

Hair pins, headbands and hair sticks are an excellent accessory for prom, quinceanera, wedding, party or special occasion when you want extra flair. For the bride, use hair jewelry in addition to a tiara or headpiece for sparkle from all angles and extra pizazz in your photos. Don't forget the bridal party, they can coordinate with the bride by wearing similar hair jewelry, less the tiara and veil.

These are fun ideas, but don't let trends dictate your wedding or party fashion. Be true to yourself and allow your jewelry and accessories to make a statement about you!

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