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Bridal Tiaras, Tiara Combs and Wedding Headpieces

Browse our affordable bridal tiaras, tiara combs and wedding headbands adorned with crystals, rhinestones and pearls...and now popular feather & ribbon headpieces. Many of our bridal headpieces are available in ivory and white on silver or gold settings. We offer a variety of high quality wedding headpieces in many styles and colors to compliment any gown or hair style.

Crystal & Rhinestone Hair Vine
English Rose White Lace Combs with Draping Crystal Swags
H3571 Antique Wedding Headband with Austrian Crystals
H4008 Crystal Wedding Headband
Swarovski Butterfly Bridal Comb
H9949-EC Princess Kate Inspired Tiara
H4429-EC Porcelain Flower Tiara
H7009-EC Swarovski Crystal Tiara
H8452-EC Pearl Floral Tiara
H8452-EC Gold Ivory Bridal Tiara
H7035-EC Rhinestone Bridal Headpiece
H7448-EC Champagne Gold Tiara
H9845-EC Rhinestone Tiara
H179-EC Rhinestone Tiara
H8312-EC Rhinestone Tiara
H8312-EC Gold Rhinestone Tiara
H7679-EC Snowflake Tiara
H9783-EC Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Tiara
H1010-EC Rhinestone Heart Tiara - Silver or Gold
H7021-EC Swarovski Crystal Headpiece
H7352-EC Champagne Pearl & Crystal Headband
H9970-EC Antique Silver Pearl Crystal Headpiece
H8431-EC Porcelain Flower Tiara Comb
H7002-EC Champagne Pearl Tiara Comb
H7045-EC Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Tiara Comb
H9631-EC Rhinestone & Pearl Floral Vine Comb
H6350-EC Swarovski Crystal & Rhinestone Tiara
H18693-EC Royal Bridal Tiara
H5050-EC White Pearl, Swarovski Crystal & Rhinestone Bridal Headpiece
H6564-EC Swarovski Crystal Headpiece
H1861-EC Kardashian Inspired Wedding Headpiece
H8362-EC Ribbon Headband
H7026-EC Pearl & Crystal Tiara
H4326 Crystal & Pearl Tiara
H2009-EC Pearl Tiara
H8234-EC Crystal & Pearl Headpiece
H8207-EC Pearl Ribbon Headband
H8351-EC Flower Ribbon Headband ~ Silver or Gold
H8308-EC Pearl & Crystal Headpiece
H626-EC Crystal Headband
H8236-EC Pearl & Crystal Headpiece
H9828-EC Crystal Tiara
H630-EC Royal Tiara
H8411-EC Princess Tiara
H6434 Swarovski Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Tiara
H9032-EC Crystal Tiara
H8255-EC Swarovski Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Tiara
H2596-EC Freshwater Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Tiara ~ Silver or Gold
H7102 Crystal & Pearl Wedding Tiara
H2165-EC Butterfly Tiara
H1090-EC Freshwater Pearl Tiara ~ Gold or Silver
H2322-EC Flower Bridal Headpiece
H7803-EC Pearl Headpiece ~ Gold or Silver
H7087-EC Swarovski Crystal Tiara
H8103-EC Cubic Zirconia Tiara
H392-EC Red Accent Headpiece
H8148-EC Swarovski Crystal Hair Comb - Silver or Gold
H3154-EC Silver/White Headpiece
H3154-EC Gold Headpiece
H026-EC White/Silver Headpiece
H2010-EC White Pearl Tiara
H7804-EC Crystal Woven Headpiece
H4429-EC Champagne Bridal Headpiece
H4630-EC Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Hair Vine
H8408-EC Rhinestone Flower Side Design Headband
H9950-EC Rhinestone Flower Headband
H753-EC Pearl Side Design Headband
H8354-EC Pearl Headband
H917-EC Freshwater Pearl Headband
H9846-EC Crystal & Pearl Headpiece
H9998-EC Crystal & Pearl Bridal Headpiece
H8349-EC Side Design Bridal Headband
H621-EC Crystal & Rhinestone Side Accent Headband
H8350-EC Mesh Flower Rhinestone Headband
H397-EC Side Accent Crystal Headband
H6547-EC Rhinestone Headband
H6548-EC Side Accent Rhinestone Headband
H8345-EC Antique Silver Ivory Headband
H9993-EC Three-Row Flower Rhinestone Headpiece
H19255-EC Couture Rhinestone Wedding Headpiece
H2800 Freshwater Pearl Headpiece
H2734 Bridal Tiara Comb
H2816 Gold Celtic Knot Wedding Headpiece
H2858 Feather Headpiece
H3324 Swarovski Crystal Bridal Headband with Ribbon
H16488-EC Ivory/Gold Pearl & Crystal Headpiece
H849 Pearl Blossom Headband
H099 Twin Floral Headband
H087 Pearl & Crystal Tiara Comb
H3318 Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Tiara
H4429-EC Champagne & Gold Crystal Tiara
Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Headband
H3305 Freshwater Pearl Tiara Comb
H448 Ivory Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Tiara Comb
H3313 Swarovski Couture Scroll Headband
H255 Vintage Silver & White Tiara Vine
H005 Austrian Crystal & Pearl Tiara ~ Silver or Gold
H1402 Swarovski Crystal Bun Wrap
Choosing Your Bridal Tiara

When you walk down the aisle, you want to look more than a bride; you want to look like a princess. Your tiara must be elegant and stunning yet understated. It must create an overall look that no one can resist. The tiara must not detract from the overall image you want to project.

To do this, the tiara must finish off your bridal veil, accentuate your hairstyle, frame your face and complement the wedding gown as well. But at the same time it shouldn't be too big or extravagant so as to hide your hairstyle. Select your wedding tiara with care.

Wearing a wrong tiara can alter your face shape by making it appear too thin or full. A tiara should frame your face by drawing attention to it.

If you have a round face and wish to make it appear longer, choose a wedding tiara with some height or one that has a peak. To make a full face appear thinner, wear a tiara that peaks into a V at the top.

Those with a long face can opt for a wedding tiara, or wedding headband with little or no height that extends from one side to the other at an even height.

For an oval face, avoid tiaras that peak at the top. Wearing a headband, forehead piece or a back piece will make your face a little rounder.

Have Fun With Your Tiara

You want to look like a princess on your wedding day? With so many tiaras to choose from, itís hard to decide on the perfect one! The trick is to choose a style that complements your personality, your dress and your hairstyle.

If you choose to wear a wedding veil, you can pin the veil at the top of your head, just behind the tiara. The veil can be removed for the reception and the tiara can shine beautifully on its own. Any details on tiaras such as pearls and crystals should match the accents on your veil and both should coordinate with your dress.

You may wear a tiara if you are wearing your hair down; just choose a style that is light and delicate so it doesnít appear too heavy and unbalanced. If you wear your hair up it is wise to choose a tiara with a petite design that does not sit too high and over power your face or your hairstyle. Choose a tiara that is attached to a comb or a thin band that can easily slide into your hair, concealing the comb or band completely.

Wearing your hair half up is a flexible option that will complement lots of styles. The most suitable is a traditional tiara that reaches a slight peak in the center. It is usually embellished with pearls, crystals or semi-precious stones. Most tiaras have loops at each end that enable pins to slide in and secure the tiara securely in place. Your hair should conceal the sides and ends of the tiaras.

Selecting the perfect tiara for you can be very difficult. It is a good idea is to try several different styles in a practice run on your wedding day hairstyle. If in doubt, ask a friend or your hair stylist for their opinion. Take the time to really find the tiara that fits your personality and compliments your wedding dress. Have fun with your tiara!

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