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Affordable white, diamond white (off-white) or ivory wedding veils. Rhinestone, bead & pearl accents available. Select from a variety of edges and lengths. We also offer wedding veils that may be customized with colored edges.

Authorized retailer of Illusions Bridal Veils. Wedding veils made in the USA. For your convenience, you may email your questions to


BLUSHER/SHOULDER LENGTH VEIL - is traditionally short, shoulder length or shorter and is worn over the bride's face to hide her from the groom until after they are wed when it's pushed back behind the head. It is usually combined with another layer sometimes a different length. Despite tradition, blushers of today can be any length as long as they cover the face. Blushers can be worn in formal or informal weddings.

ELBOW LENGTH VEIL - is usually worn with a gown without a train and is a little less formal.

FINGER-TIP LENGTH VEIL - is usually for formal and semi-formal weddings and is an elegant choice.

CHAPEL/FLOOR LENGTH VEIL - is for a more formal wedding. A chapel veil falls to or near the floor.

CATHEDRAL VEIL - is for formal weddings. A cathedral veil extends on to the floor like a train and is usually worn with a dress with a train.

TIPS FOR CHOOSING YOUR VEIL The great thing about being a bride today is that anything goes! Whether you want to do everything traditionally or just choose the style that looks best and suits your personality. The following are a few tips to help you in making your decision. Choose a simple veil and headpiece if your dress is very ornate. Consider the back detail of your dress. If you want to show off the back of the dress, you may want to choose a short veil (blusher or elbow length) or a veil with less fullness to it (72" width ). If your gown is very simple, you may want a very ornate headpiece and or veil to attract attention to your face. OR if your gown is very simple and your style is very simple and elegant, you may also want to wear a simple headpiece and or veil with minor details. Be confident in your decision! This is your day. If you feel confident, you'll beam with beauty. Congratulations!

CARING FOR YOUR VEIL When you first receive your veil in the mail, immediately take it out and hang it up. The only way to ship your veil to you is to box it which will cause it to first appear very wrinkled and unattractive. We recommend that you hang your veil from the center so that it will hang straight down. Most of the wrinkles should come out over time from just hanging however, if you don't have time or it's still too wrinkled for your taste, try the following methods: Steaming the veil with a steaming iron Hot shower method - steaming the veil by hanging it in the bathroom with a hot shower on for several minutes to steam up the room. Dry cleaning - have an experienced bridal dry cleaner press or steam it.

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